On the Crucial Political Topic of My Hair

July 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

I recently decided that I would no longer, never ever, wear my hair down (whether straightened or curly) to the office. There are two reasons for this:

1. I am lazy. (And the blow drying and the straightening and the putting products in and the climbing back into bed for 10 minutes to then make it look like I didn’t spend any time on it really eats up a valuable chunk of time that I could be spending sleeping, reading, or, you know, even working.)

2. When I do wear it down, I feel like I am constantly playing with it. Making me, then, The Girl Who Is Constantly Playing With Her Hair. And I really don’t want to project that image — I much prefer being The Girl Who Is Obsessed With Her Cell Phone.

This means that I am wearing my hair up, in some kind of bun (smooth or bumpy) every day now. Which is fine. Easy. Quick. Aerodynamic. I suppose I’m also now The Girl Who Looks Kinda Like a Librarian but that’s OK, too.

The next date I will likely wear my hair down is when the bun is no longer an option — i.e., post-wedding, when I chop it all off and go short again. Sometimes I am tempted to do that now, because I wonder if, after the wedding, when it’s short, if I won’t regret holding on to All This Hair for months and months when I didn’t really want it, just for the sake of some photos.

Of course, the memory of my last short haircut, and my father constantly referring to me as Paul Kariya … that’s what’s keeping me out of my stylist’s chair.
How I Intent to Cut My Hair How I Hope I Don’t Look

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