21 Things I Did on My Summer Vacation

July 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

1. Got a faint tan. (Good to know that seven days of SPF 30 will still get a girl somewhere.)
2. Got a sunburn. (I forgot to put said SPF on my back.)
3. Read a book. (Love Is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield; it left me gutted.)

reading a book

4. Caught a bunch of fish. (Nothing big or dangerous, unfortunately.)
5. Got seasick from spending too much time on a boat. (The shower afterward was the worst part.)
6. Drank wine. (Shocking, I know.)
7. Cooked tacos and hamburgers and chicken and lots and lots of noodles. (I think I gained 15 pounds.)
8. Wrote four chapters of a book. (No, you can’t read it.)
9. Wrote a short story and realized it would make a much better novel than No. 8 ever would. (Maybe, someday, you can read it.)
writing some crap
10. Assisted in the replacement of a snapped trolling motor. (Don’t ask, because I don’t know.)
11. Saw a man throw a dead ‘possum onto the road outside his shanty. (I’m pretty sure he’d shot it.)
12. Chased a deer. (It had it coming.)
13. Saw the biggest fly ever. (Seriously, it was as big as an egg.)
14. Got a lame infection that required a trip to a rural family practice where the staff didn’t take kindly to cityfolk. (The doctor even looked at me and sneered, “You have … an infection.” Let’s leave it at that.)
15. Sudoku.
16. Missed my daily newspaper, my magazine subscriptions, my television, my DVR, my blessed Internet (PageFlakes, why have I foresaken thee?), and two loud-ass, lonely cats.
17. Kissed a boy who also happens to be the man I’m going to marry. (Jealous, aren’t you?)
18. Said “What a ballbuster!” so many times that I was asked not-so-politely to stop. (It’s fun — try it, you’ll see.)
19. Dreamed up schemes to prevent ever having to return to work. (FAIL.)
20. Watched fireworks, and wrote my name with a sparkler. (No, you aren’t reading my diary from when I was 11.)
21. Bought this Marc Jacobs dress. (Even though it won’t get delivered for a few days, I bought it online five minutes ago and, technically, I’m still on vacation.)

See you next year, lake.
night lake

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