New Year’s Eve for Nerds: Countdown to the iPhone Release

June 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

I had to go to the mall tonight to turn over my engagement ring to the jeweler (it needs work), so I figured it couldn’t hurt to swing by the Apple store and see what was going on. I mean, it did just happen to be 5:45, and I was curious.

I wouldn’t say it was a madhouse, but there had to be hundreds of people in a line that snaked all the way around the corridors and out the door. Apparently the Apple store had been closed all day; a guy who was about 20th in line told me he’d been there since about 8:30 that morning. (I overheard a security guard telling someone that the earliest the mall let people get in line was 6 a.m. Friday morning.)

Anyway. There was lots of buzz, lots of people gawking (like myself), and a few people who didn’t know what the hell was going on (at one point, a guy even asked me what I was filming; I told him a porno, he looked confused and scurried away). At about 5:50 I positioned myself directly across from the front door of the store, and then I wondered: Could Kyle, somewhere in Michigan, be in line? That led to the following text conversation:

Me: Wow, you’re, like, the treasurer of the nerds!
Me: No, the second person in line is vice. You’ll have to kill him.
Kyle: Wait. You’re right. Dammit. … Soon a gadget will make my life complete.

As that conversation was going on, Dunkin Donuts employees — there’s not even a Dunkin Donuts in the mall, so it must’ve been some special piggybacking promotion — started giving away free coffee to the people in line (because, clearly, they needed to be more wound up). There was a countdown clock … and as it approached, the crowd joined in a typical NYE countdown. (You can watch a video I filmed of it here, although the camera in my crap borrowed camcorder died at three. [Don’t laugh; I hear that happens to Michael Moore All. The. Time.]) But ultimately the doors opened, people went in, people came out, there was a lot of cheering, and I skedaddled because there’s no way they were going to have enough for everyone.

And no — I didn’t get one, nor am I planning to anytime soon. Right now I’ve got a Sidekick and a Blackberry, and that’s enough technology for me. For now.

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