Ocean’s = 13, My Self-Esteem = 0

June 17, 2007 § 3 Comments

Scott and I went to see Ocean’s 13 today, and I’m not going to lie: We liked it.

Of course, we love Vegas (we immediately began reconsidering our honeymoon plans, which luckily — or not — aren’t final yet). We love gambling, and we love heist flicks. I find Brad Pitt’s character, Rusty Ryan, to be one of the most attractive fictional characters in the history of moviemaking. (Please note: I don’t find Brad Pitt particularly appealing; I find Rusty Ryan immensely appealing. [I know. He’s fictional.])

We left the theater as close as you can come to being high (I would assume) without illegal substances. We were in a glitzy, fizzy, shiny world where anything was possible, even if you were just an ordinary person.

And then we got home, and laundry needed to be sorted and groceries needed to be purchased and seating cards needed to be cut and email needed to be read. And all of a sudden, I got a self-esteem hangover. I’m just a regular gal. I’m nothing special. Not too smart, not too pretty, not terribly witty or clever, and not, most punishing, an expert in anything worth knowing. Never going to shake up the world, never going to knock over a casino.

And, I know, not very many people will. But, still. Ouch. Thanks, George. Thanks, Steven. It made me wish, even moreso, that our first choice movie — The First Saturday in May — hadn’t been sold out. Then again, I probably would’ve left that theater even more depressed.

§ 3 Responses to Ocean’s = 13, My Self-Esteem = 0

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