Me, Elsewhere

April 10, 2007 § 9 Comments

Sometimes I write things in other places, with my actual real name attached and stuff (which was partly the reason I restarted this site, on the up-and-up honest-to-Betsy with my real name and such — and also partly not the reason at all.) So, anyway, here are a few of those things.

IFLTS: Regina Spektor, ‘Fidelity’ (In my defense, I didn’t choose the photo. Sorry, Regina.)

Other Poll Questions That May One Day Appear on an Unnamed Internet News Website, Given Its Recently Asked Question “Have You Ever Been in an Accident Involving a Plane?” Following the Air France Crash (cowritten with my dearest friend, the Tracey, on a day when we suspect that John Warner was on vacation, or napping, or telling impoverished children Angelina Jolie was on her way to adopt them and then yelling “Fooled you!” at the last second)

IFLTS: ‘Ghostwriter,’ RJD2

Also, one of my favorite things about having my own, personal website is the freedom to laugh in the face of AP Style and call it a website. Web site is archaic, absurd, and looks asinine — and AP should update its rules.

§ 9 Responses to Me, Elsewhere

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