Yes, One Yogurt

March 4, 2007 § 2 Comments

One time, not too long ago, the checkout girl at our Giant held up a package of Dannon Light & Fit and looked at Scott and I, and said, “One yogurt!?” in the most scandalized and incredulous voice I think I may have ever heard. As if she could not possibly imagine anyone ever buying just one yogurt, why would anyone do that, when there are also delicious packages of Peach and Strawberry Banana and Vanilla and Raspberry and Blueberry right there in the dairy aisle just waiting to be scooped up? Only $0.50 each!

Now, whenever one of us says something crazy, like “Let’s shave Reno!” or “Beerfest was a much better movie than Accepted,” the standard response is “One yogurt?” and usually, unfortunately, other people are around, and they look at us like we’re off our rockers.

So now you know why.

One yogurt?!

§ 2 Responses to Yes, One Yogurt

  • tracey says:

    You know, we watched Accepted because you told us it was surprisingly funny (and because my sick-o crush on Lewis Black was in it) .. and we really liked it! But Beerfest. Beerfest? We watched this MONSTROSITY of a movie too and I kept waiting to laugh, chuckle … SMILE even. It never happened.

  • meredith says:

    yeah, we HATED beerfest, too. the only funny part was when landfil chucked the trophy.

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