Live Blogging: The Super Bowl (Ads)

February 4, 2007 § 6 Comments

Here we go … keep refreshing this URL for updates throughout the game.

6:15: So, technically the game hasn’t started yet, but we loved the NFL Network commercial ‘Chad Johnson’s Super Bowl Party.’ Martha Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Janet Reno, and David Beckham in one place? We’d love to score an invite to that bash. (Mostly to ogle Becks.)

6:25: Uh oh. Dan Marino is on the field … look out for his trick pen!

6:28: Do our eyes deceive us or did the Bears just score on the opening kickoff? Yes, they did. And according to Phil Simms, that’s the first time that’s ever happened in Super Bowl history.

6:35: Bud Light gets the first official commercial break off to a great start with guys playing ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ for a beer. We loved the “Low five!” Watch Bud Light’s ‘Faceoff.’

6:36: Doritos’ guy and girl meet-cute Spicy, Cheesy, Crunchy, Smooth ad was adorable — and that’s the night’s first user-created ad. Watch Doritos’ ‘Crash.’

6:37: The Blockbuster guinea pig and rabbit beat up on a mouse in an attempt to get online. Having had some mouse issues tonight, we sympathize — we’re on our second one after batteries died in the first one. Watch Blockbuster’s ‘Mouse.’

6:39: Jim Gaffigan (of ‘My Boys’) and Michael Ian Black (of ‘Stella’ and ‘The State’) are back in the new Sierra Mist ads. Put those two together and mix in a little Tracy Morgan, and you’ve got comedic genius every time. Watch ‘Combover’ and ‘Karate.’

6:49: Well done, Fed-Ex … Moon Office was great. We think the world gets it: You guys deliver, not just packages, but creative, funny ads. The floating dog was an especially nice touch. Watch ‘Moon Office’ again.

6:49: Another from Bud Light — groomsmen hire an auctioneer to perform their buddy’s wedding ceremony in order to get to the reception (and the Bud Light) more quickly. Reaction where we’re watching is mixed: not surprisingly, boys seem to find it amusing, the girls … not as much. Watch ‘Wedding.’

6:52: There is a player on the Colts whose name is Booger. We really felt like that should be noted.

6:55: Snickers does a nice update of the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ spaghetti scene, with two men chomping on opposite sides of a candy bar, and accidentally kissing. Watch ‘Mechanic.’

6:59: Carlos Mencia teaches an English as a Second Language course, focusing on the all-important topic of how to ask for a Bud Light in various parts of the U.S. Classic; this one’s probably our favorite so far. Watch ‘Classroom.’

7:00: We spoke to soon; a quick promo for ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ has Dave and Oprah cuddled up on a couch watching the game together — wearing Colts and Bears jerseys, respectively, and presumably rooting for their favorite teams. (You’ll have to watch this one on YouTube; since it’s a CBS network promotion, it won’t be included in the AOL Sports collection.)

7:15: Hmmm, we’re not really sure what to say about GoDaddy’s ad; seems pretty much in line with what they’ve done in previous years, but we’re looking forward to watching it again … maybe we missed something. Watch ‘Marketing.’

7:16: We’re not sure if Coke’s ‘Grand Theft Auto’-inspired ‘Give a Little Love’ ad was leaked prior to the game or if it’s aired previously (we’ve definitely seen it before) — but it’s great, regardless. Interesting to note that it’s the second appearance of animated mice tonight (the first was the Blockbuster ‘Mouse’ ad). Watch ‘Love.’

7:23: Budweiser uses a familiar theme — an animal wants to join the ranks of the Clydesdales; only this time, it’s a white dog who wishes he could be a dalmatian (and ride on the carriage the Clydesdales are pulling). One splash from a muddy puddle, and he’s in. Watch ‘Dalmatian.’

7:28: definitely scores with its “don’t just survive the workweek” spot; it would be kind of fun if work was similar to an episode of ‘Lost.’ Watch ‘Jungle’ again.

7:33: Wow, we’ve been so busy typing about the commercials during the game that we haven’t really watched any of the action — we just glanced up from the computer and it’s raining so hard in Miami that the camera is fogging up!

7:36: OK, we have a new favorite of the night: Fist bumps are out, and slapping people in the face is in (according to Bud Light, at least). We can’t wait to test this out at work tomorrow! Watch ‘Slap’ again.

7:38: GM’s sad robot = adorable. Watch ‘Robots.’

8:01: After lots of CBS internal promotions, move trailers, and local ads, it’s halftime. Do must-see commercials air during halftime? We totally have to pee.

8:18: Prince killed — the Foo Fighters cover caught us totally off guard, and was perfectly well done.

8:40: eTrade doesn’t want you to get robbed by your bank anymore. This one was well done — we actually thought it was a movie trailer when it first started. Watch eTrade’s ‘Robbery.’

8:41: Coke brings another whimsical ads, with an inside peek at what really goes on inside vending machines. Watch Coke’s ‘Assembly Line.’

8:42: The Bud Light apes have a plan to get their hands on some beer. We understand … we just wonder who’s getting beer delivered to the zoo every week. The lions? Watch Bud Light’s ‘Gorillas’ again.

8:46: The Colts’ Booger McFarland sacks Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. Wheee! The field is soaked. It’s like a slip and slide out there!

8:47: Rex Grossman falls down again!

8:48: Another “survive the workweek” ad from We have a feeling that these will be the biggest watercooler conversation pieces tomorrow. Watch ‘Battle’ again.

8:49: Two lions eye up a group of campers and some Taco Bell carne asada taquitos. If we hadn’t eaten all those chips, Taco Bell would be delicious right now. Watch ‘Lions.’

8:55: Toyota’s new Tundra ads are absolutely mindblowing. You couldn’t pay us enough to be the stunt driver on these. See ‘Tundra 1’ and ‘Tundra Ramp.’

8:56: Apparently, Robert Goulet shows up at your office in the afternoons (when you’re in that post-lunch coma) and messes with your stuff. The only thing that can keep him away? Emerald Nuts, of course. Watch ‘Office’ again.

8:57: A waitress mistakes a cocky Charles Barkley for Dwayne Wade’s dad in a very funny T-Mobile spot. Watch ‘My Faves.’

8:59: Fed-Ex Ground really is fast, thank you very much, Mr. Turkeyneck. Watch ‘Ground.’

9:00: The controversial K-Fed Nationwide commercial finally airs. We were starting to wonder if maybe it’d been pulled, particularly after he issued this apology. Watch ‘K-Fed.’

9:01: A couple picks up a hitchiker who has a case of Bud Light … and an axe. Watch ‘Hitchiker’ again.

9:15: Crabs worship a cooler and some Bud Light on a sunny beach. Makes us wish it wasn’t 19 degrees outside. Watch ‘Crabs.’

9:20: The game is shaping up to be a Super Bowl advertiser’s dream — a close contest right up until the fourth quarter, so the ads still to come will definitely get the eyeballs they paid for.

9:27: Don Shula and Jay-Z play magical football in a Budweiser spot. Honestly, this one kind of went over our heads, but who doesn’t heart Hov? Watch ‘Strategy.’

9:39: Yes! Another ad! Any commercial where someone gets that big of a wedgie is automatically great in our books. With only two minutes left in the game, it looks like this will be the last big ad of the night — and it’s a perfect ending. Watch ‘Interview’ again.

9:57: The Bears are starting to look like they’re phoning it in — and Tony Dungy just got doused in Gatorade.

9:58: It’s over — Colts win! Congratulations, Peyton — hope you weren’t as nervous tonight as you were when you had to tango in junior high.

10:01: Whew! We’re beat … thanks for coming along on our first live blogging experience. Be sure to vote for your favorite ad and get full coverage of the game here.

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