‘The Office’ Gossip

February 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

Here’s the best news I’ve heard all day: Ed Helms has been upgraded to a regular cast member of ‘The Office’ — he was originally signed on just to do 10 episodes, a fact that I have whined about pretty much every time I’ve watched an episode this season. It also looks like Rashida Jones will remain just a recurring cast member. Mark my words: By the end of the season, Roy and Pam will be back together, or will at least appear to be back together as far as Jim can tell, setting up yet another season of yearning.

(Did I just say yearning?)

Since I’m on the topic … you know what the one thing that bothers me about ‘The Office’ is?

The documentary film.

When will it be finished? Will the characters ever see it? I think that’d be a fabulous series reset — the film airs, all of the Jim/Pam and Jim/Karen moments are revealed, as well as all the other pranks and nasty behind-the-back comments. And then the filmmakers come back in another year or so to check in on them … and everything is remarkably unchanged. (If I remember correctly, this is kind of what happened in the British version, only they didn’t show the actual airing of the documentary, it was just implied; I love the comic possibilities of watching the characters watch themselves.)

Anyway. I freaking love ‘The Office.’

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